Marketing in Asia Group continues to gain recognition

The Marketing in Asia Group is continuing to gain recognition – this time with a special mention at this month’s Convocation Medal for Professional Excellence ceremony at Australia’s University of Newcastle.

The awards are regarded as a top Australasian alumni honour and recognise a graduate of the university with an outstanding record of professional excellence in leadership, knowledge and professional practice.
Mentions such as these are critical to MAG as we seek to grow interest, connections and influence, and from this our members’ understanding, practical excellence, and opportunities for research and engagement. With the depth of capability of our members, I suspect we’ll be seeing many more.I take great pride in being shortlisted as one of the four finalists for the Medal. It was a most wonderful surprise to have been nominated. Although I wasn’t the overall winner – which didn’t surprise me! – I was very proud of how this reflected on our group. At the awards ceremony it was noted how I had helped establish the Marketing in Asia Group in 2007, and that now we had connections with more than 400 academics and practitioners from more than 35 countries. We are no small organisation now.


Journal Ranking Study Findings 2011

Meanwhile, the MAG Scholar Research Team is pleased to announce the findings of its recently concluded Journal Ranking and Occupational Hazards survey. Altogether 993 useable responses were collected. Most the respondents were from the USA (32%) followed by UK (9%), Australia (8%) and Canada (4%). Please see the attached Research Method for additional information.

In Table 1, we highlight the Top 500 Marketing, International Business and Tourism Journals nominated by the respondents. Additional findings on performance will be released once the analyses are completed.

As always, if you have any suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the Management Team.

Now We Can All Publish

Professor Kim Fam
Founding Director of MAG Scholar

The MAG Scholar Journal Rating List 2009

Appendix 1: MAG Scholar Journal Rating List 2009 – Research Method

Appendix 2: Nominated – ‘A’ Grade Journals

Appendix 3: Number of Unaided Recalls for ‘B & C’ Grade Journals

Appendix 4: Background to MAG Scholar List

Appendix 5: MAGScholar List: Top 500 Journals – 2009


The MAG Scholar Journal Rating List 2011

Appendix 1: MAG Scholar Journal Rating List 2011 – Research Method

Appendix 5: MAGScholar List: Top 500 Journals – 2011