MAGScholar Business Review

Publish or Perish
As we begin the festive season, and head into a new year it is timely to reflect on the past year and consider the life of an academic.
The life of a university academic is appealing to a number of people; however the majority of non-academics do not consider the fact that academics not only teach specific courses over a number of months each year, but are expected to conduct research and publish their research in academic journals…more

“MAGScholar Business Review” – a business oriented magazine for executives who are interested in the issues and practices of Asian marketing. The editorial contents are derived from rigorous research undertaken by academics and practitioners who are interested in knowing the optimal marketing practices in Asian business environment. The target readers are business executives who want to “surround” themselves with up to date, relevant and reliable information on Asian markets.
The articles will bridge the gap between management research and practice in the Asian markets. The editor is Dr. James Richard ( ) (“Editor”), who has many years of industrial and academic experience. He holds a PhD in Marketing.

How to Contribute?
As researchers we all know that not more than 30% of our research data are being used for writing an academic paper. The remaining 70% are kept in the drawers. Now you have the opportunity to turn this 70% unused data into valuable information for light reading among the business executives. Besides the research data, there are honors projects, master’s theses and even PhD theses that are undervalued and not reported. Please check with the Editor on how to get these valuable but unreported findings see the light of the day.