Certified MAG Scholar® Programme Outline

In today’s competitive academic landscape, scholars must distinguish themselves to gain credibility and recognition.  Publication will always be essential, but is no longer sufficient to ensure the distinction required for career progression.  Career movement now requires demonstrated excellence across the spectrum of academic capabilities.  To attain this needed distinction Marketing in Asia Group (MAG Scholar®) offers a Certification programme to provide academics, researchers and practitioners a platform to interact and progress.

MAG Scholar is internationally recognised as a leading body of academic exchange and development in Asia.  The Certified MAG Scholar programme provides participants with recognition that they have made substantial contributions to the academic world.  This includes publishing and reviewing/editing skills, conference leadership, and doctoral colloquium.  Programme graduates will have a proven track record of excellence in a multitude of academic capabilities.  They will also receive support from MAG Scholar in all their future academic endeavours.

Who should be a Certified MAG Scholar®?

This programme is open to all MAG Scholar members intending to further their career. To be eligible for this programme, you are currently employed by an institution of higher learning and have at least a doctorate degree. Most programme participants will already be engaged as an academic and will have seen the need for acceleration along the academic pathway.
They will have recognised that publication is vital – but that more is required to gain the distinction expected of leading and influential scholars.  To publish is a key point – to lead and shape debate at conferences and in publications is another.  The MAG Scholar programme is the only schedule of its kind to develop leadership and chairing skills for conferences and editorship skills for journals and books.

Most of the schedule requires on the job participation and training at the annual MAG Scholar conference or in the preparation of MAG Scholar journals or books.  MAG Scholar journals include the Asian Journal of Business Research and the International Journal of Consumer Research.


The Certified MAG Scholar® programme will take three to five years.  The required 420 points are obtained by satisfactorily fulfilling specific duties at least once in MAG Scholar conferences, or by making publication contributions to MAG Scholar journals and books.  Any remaining point requirements will be tailored to you at the discretion of the programme director.

Conference               Publications
Track Chair 20 pt MAG Scholar Journal Publication 40 pt
Session Chair 10 pt MAG Scholar Journal Reviewer 30 pt
MAG Conference Reviewer 10 pt MAG Scholar Edited Book Contribution 20 pt
Doctoral Colloquium 20 pt MAG Conference Proceedings Publication 20 pt
MAG Conference Presentation 10 pt
Activity Descriptions

Track Chair
This involves organisation of a MAG Scholar conference track.  This includes promoting and inviting scholars to submit articles to your particular track, sending submissions to your review panel, overseeing revision, liaison with submitting authors, and that the finalised papers conform to MAG Scholar Conference Proceedings guidelines.  The track chair also supervises the chairs of individual sessions.  Each track chair role completed to requirements is awarded 20 points.

Session Chair
The success of a conference depends on the efficient and consistent execution by session chairs who lead each session.  Prior to the conference this includes creating an outline that summarises each paper, speaker biographies, session theme, and learning objectives.  At the conference this involves introducing authors, moderating session proceedings, leading the question session, and afterwards compiling summary and feedback for the conference organising committee.  Every time you fulfil the duties of a session chair at a MAG Scholar Conference 10 points will be awarded.

MAG Conference Article Reviewer
Reviewers are appointed by a track chair and are each asked to examine at least one submitted article for the MAG Scholar Conference.  The quality, integrity and reliability of papers presented at a conference are dependent on the reviewers.  The track chairs redirect reviewer’s anonymous feedback to authors. You will be awarded 10 points for being a reviewer per conference organized by MAG Scholar.

Doctoral Colloquium
During a doctoral colloquium, PhD students are invited to present their work to a panel of senior academics, providing the opportunity to gain feedback from experienced scholars, in an environment that is less formal but still allows for the full exchange of intellectual opinions.  As a member of this forum, your goal is to positively challenge the students’ thinking and to enhance the quality of their research.  You will be awarded 20 points for your participation in a doctoral colloquium organized by MAG Scholar.

MAG Conference Proceedings Publication
If you have a paper accepted for a conference and is published in the conference proceedings, you will be awarded 20 points.

MAG Scholar Conference Presentation
If you present your accepted paper at the MAG Scholar conference, you will receive another 10 points.

MAG Journal Publication
Publishing is the most defining aspect of academia and requires focus, vision, and months or years of hard work.  Publication in a MAG Scholar journal, as either main or co-author, will earn 40 points.

MAG Journal Article Reviewer
Academic rigour and critique are expected.  Every article reviewed will provide 30 points.

MAG Scholar Edited Book Contribution
If your work is referenced in a MAG Scholar edited book, this contribution will yield 20 points towards the programme.

Fees & Procedural Issues
A registration fee of NZ$100 is required for the initial year of participation in the MAG Scholar programme.  Fees for subsequent years are NZ$100 per year. No refund is given if you failed to complete the course within 5 years. MAG Scholar maintains the record of each programme participant and graduation certificates will be presented at the MAG Scholar conference.

For those who wish to participate in the Certified MAG Scholar® programme, please contact: Professor Kim Fam at kimfam@magscholar.com .