Corporate Social Responsibility of Islamic Banks:
CSR website visibility, CSR initiatives, CSR strategy


Tahreem Noor Khan
University of Hail, Saudi Arabia


The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been widely known in the Islamic banking sector yet there is criticism and lack of trust which exists among stakeholders. To reduce negative concern and to fill the gap in the literature, this research reinforces the integration of ethical and moral principles in the banking business. One of the integral and core elements of Islamic economics is ‘falah’; which focuses on wellness and the concept of reward in this world and hereafter. To fulfil the needs of the ethical aspect of Islamic banks which leads to ‘falah’, this research has extracted the underlying theoretical issues of Islamic bank Corporate Social Responsibility (web visibility, initiatives, strategy). This research also determines the extent of CSR visibility in twelve leading Islamic banks’ corporate websites.

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Website visibility, Strategic approach, Disclosure, Communication

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