JHSR – Journal of Halal Service Research


JHSR is an international journal that follows a double-blind peer review process.
The journal largely focuses on halal services provision to Muslims and other relevant customers and stakeholders in both business-to-business and consumption contexts. It investigates market ecosystems, processes, and structure of conceptualising, developing, and offering halal services.

The journal fuses a rich domain of Islamic service research theories in a range of disciplines such as management, marketing, economics, organisational theory, consumer research, logistics and supply chain management, hospitality and tourism, public policy, cultural studies and finance with the applied context of halal business and marketing activities.

Its key audiences include executives, scholars, public policy makers, practitioners, consumers, and students interested in solving market and marketing related problems.

JHSR focuses on a broad range of research topics including but not necessarily limited to the following areas: 

  • the concepts of halal service, Islamic service and halal service research
  • philosophy of halal service
  • halal service and macromarketing
  • halal service ecosystems
  • service-based Islamic marketing systems
  • marketing and promoting halal service options 
  • halal supply chain and operations
  • halal tourism and hospitality
  • halal fast moving consumer products
  • halal service related consumer behaviour
  • Muslim consumers and their consumption practices
  • Muslim communities of consumption 
  • service related marketing issues in Islamic countries and Muslim-majority countries
  • service related marketing issues and consumption practices pertaining to Muslim minorities 
  • digital, social media and mobile marketing concerning halal services
  • Islamic principles of service ethics
  • theories of Service-Dominant Logic and Chopsticks Marketing applied to halal services
  • institutional foundations of halal services
  • halal services related data analytics and interactive marketing analytics
  • halal services research methods