Bangkok2020 – General Information

2020 MAG Scholar Conference Bangkok 

General Information

  1. Currency exchange:
    The Bath (THB) is Thailand’s official currency. Please check the currency exchange rate in the local bank system or use the following link as a reference:
  2. Climate:
    The weather in Bangkok is dominated by a tropical monsoon climate. This means the city has three main seasons: hot season from March to June, rainy season from July to October and cool season between November and February. As Bangkok holds claim to being the hottest city in the world, expect daytime temperatures to be in excess of 30 degrees centigrade throughout the year. The possible exception to this is in late December and early January. Bangkok weather may not be the warmest in the world every day but, overall, it is unrelenting simply because it doesn’t cool at night. The two periods – April to May and September to October – are the most humid. The southwest monsoons arrive between May and October bringing unsettled, cloudy conditions. For many people, this is a welcome respite.


  1. Time Zone:


  1. Electricity:
    In Thailand the power plugs and sockets are of type A, B, C, F and O. The standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. Please make sure you have the proper adapter.


  1. Emergency Numbers:
    Nationwide emergency numbers
  • Police and general emergency call – 191
  • Medical emergency call – 1669
  • Fire – 199
  • Tourist Police – 1155
  • Highway Police – 1193
  • Ambulance and Rescue – 1554
  • Crime suppression – 1195
  • National Disaster Warning Centre – 1860 or 192
  • Tourist Information Inquiry – 1672