Conference 2018 – Call for Papers

2018 MAG Scholar Conference in Business, Marketing & Tourism


Call for Papers

2018 MAG Scholar Conference on Business, Marketing, and Tourism with the theme Advancing Marketing and Tourism in the Digital Economy will be held in Kuching, Malaysia on 22-25 June 2018. We welcome submission of abstracts and full manuscripts only in English and all submissions must be done online via the conference website. Conceptual, empirical and methodological manuscripts are all welcome, on topics including business, marketing, and tourism. Other social science manuscripts (such as economics and management) related to consumer/organizational behavior and digital technology will also be considered. Conference tracks are as follows:

  • Marketing Sciences
  • Theoretical Development of Marketing
  • Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
  • Methodological Advancement in Marketing Research
  • Marketing Trends and Practices
    • Social Marketing, Services Marketing
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Sustainable/Environmental/Green Marketing
  • Business Strategy and Communication
    • Communication: B2B, B2C
    • Advertising, Sales Promotion, PR, Direct Marketing
    • Supply Chain and Logistics Management
    • Consumer Behaviour and Prediction
  • Tourism Management
    • Touring Behaviour and Experience
    • Destination Tourism and Image
    • Festival, Food, Sport, Cultural, Medical, Recreational Tourism
    • Tourism Economics and Sustainability
    • Cross-border Tourism Development
  • Dynamics of Digital Technology in Marketing and Tourism
    • The Impact of Technology on Global Business
    • The Use of Big Data and Digital Technology in Business
    • Current Issues in Marketing and Tourism
  • Others (please state the theme of your paper on the registration form)