Exploring Adoption of Social Media in Large Enterprises in Poland

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.180044

Marta Zembik
University of Economics, Katowice, Poland


Social media have been of interest to many enterprises for several years, it is therefore important to understand how they can be adopted in a business context. The purpose of this study was to get
to know the motives, determinants, goals and ways of adopting social media by large enterprises. Qualitative research based on the case study method in enterprises operating in Poland was
conducted. An unanticipated finding seems to be the fact that half of the surveyed large enterprises do not have a developed strategy of social media activities. The contribution of the conducted
research is twofold. First, the study enriches and broadens the existing knowledge about the adoption of social media to business activities by identifying the different experiences of 10
enterprises, along with recognizing perceived determinants, barriers and problems in the process. Second, during conversations, many managers touched spontaneously on many aspects, without
the researcher’s suggestion. These aspects should be considered as important from their point of view. This opens up the field of exploration for further research deepening knowledge in this field.

Keywords: Social Media Adoption, Large Enterprises, Poland, Case Study

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