Optimal ways for companies to use Facebook Messenger
Chatbot as a Marketing Communication Channel

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.180046

Balasudarsun N L
Faculty of Marketing, PSG Institute of Management, India

Sathish M
Faculty of Marketing, PSG Institute of Management, India

Gowtham K
Think and Learn Private Ltd, India


Customer demands a real-time reply to their queries around the clock without delay and they expect a personalized recommendation from the companies. To address these demands, some of the companies such as HDFC, Mercedes Benz SA, Videotron, Philips, StubHub and UTI Mutual Funds are turning their focus towards Chatbots on their social media pages and websites. For instance, Starbucks uses Chatbots for taking order and delivery of service (Sarah Perez, 2018). Here, the researchers have chosen Facebook Messenger Chatbot for the study. The most effective methods to use Facebook Messenger have not yet been clarified. The unique nature of Facebook Messenger Chatbot presents challenges for companies since its new to the market with just above one year of launch. The purpose of this paper is to uncover how brands can optimize their use of Chatbot in Facebook Messenger as a marketing communication channel. A survey was conducted amongst 323 Facebook Messenger users in India. In a series of specific questions, the respondents were asked to rate 11 different functions. Also, the researchers considered their preference on Facebook Messenger over E-mail marketing and Website individually for the better understanding of its future scope. As a result, Daily Updates, Pictures, Smart talks and Emoji were found to be the most important Chatbot elements. Further to this, ChatbotMesse nger holds high support over Email Marketing.

Keywords: Facebook Messenger, Digital Marketing, Chatbot, Social Media, Email Marketing, Communication Channel, Business

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