Online Advertising: An Investigation of Factors Affecting Positive Attitude among the Malays in Malaysia

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.160027

Mehdi Taghipoorreyneh
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
Ernest Cyril De Run
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak


The aim of this research is to investigate about attitudes toward online advertising (ATOA) among Malays. Data were collected from Malays above eighteen years old with Internet usage experiences. Four belief factors that underline Malays consumers‟ attitudes toward online advertising were identified: informativeness, hedonism, credibility and good for economy. The findings from this research indicated that informativeness, hedonism and good for economy had significant impacts on ATOA among Malays. The research provides potentially useful insights and directions for marketers in order to optimize the results of their online advertising campaigns among Malays in Malaysia.

Keywords: Attitudes, Credibility, Good for Economy, Hedonism, Informativeness, Online Advertising


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