Consumer behaviour in the Thai Internet Service Providers

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.150015

Paramaporn Thaichon
S P Jain School of Global Management, Australia

This research aims to explore the characteristics and perceptions of Internet Service Provider’ customers in order to provide a general picture of ISP subscribers and enable more customer-focused market strategies. Data was obtained from 2,059 Internet users in all the regions of Thailand via an online survey.The result shows that no noticeable differences were found among age groups in terms of the reasons for their switching. In contrast, customers with higher income were more likely to choose poor Internet service performance as the main reason to switch.

Therefore, it is likely that age did not contribute to the respondents’ motivation for switching while income was an important factor in switching behaviour. Additionally, high price and fewer promotional packages are popular reasons for switching among groups with the lowest levels of household income.Practical implications that can be drawn from this research will form a foundation for service providers in the home ISP to develop new retention strategies. As a result, ISPs will be able to reduce the current issues relating to customer switching in the home ISP.
Key words: Internet user, Internet usage pattern, Segmentation,Consumer behaviour, Internet Service Providers (ISP).

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