Store Patronage for Apparel Purchase – A Comparative Study of Two Store Formats

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.150007

Geetha. M
Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Objectives of this study were to understand the influence of salient store image dimension and overall store image on retail store patronage and also to identify the nature of relationship (congruence/ divergence) between customers‟ self-images and their corresponding store images. Data was collected using questionnaire from 175 respondents of specialty and departmental store types. Factor analysis was used to determine the important dimensions of store image. These dimensions were regressed on store patronage to analyze their role in predicting the same. Reasons for a shopper to patronize department store was spaciousness, merchandise arrangement, and clientele and specialty store for distinctiveness of the merchandise and value for money. Image dimension that was salient in specialty store was value for money and for a departmental store it was its clientele. Congruence between customers‟ self-images and their corresponding store images were a very important determinant of patronage for frequent shoppers of both the formats.
Keywords: Specialty store, departmental store, patronage, store image


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