The Relationship between Self-Congruity, Brand Relationship Quality, and Brand Loyalty

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.140008

Lystia Hapsari
Independent Fashion Analyst, Surabaya, Indonesia
Michael Adiwijaya
Faculty of Economics, Petra Christian University, Surabaya, Indonesia


The rapid growth of fashion industry in Indonesia has created intense competition among the fashion industry players and attracted many international brands to expand to Surabaya as the second big city in Indonesia. The upper middle class customers in Surabaya express their status by projecting the brand image of the product that they buy and wear. This phenomenon creates the strong relationship between the customer and the brand that contributes to the development of brand loyalty. MANGO is one of the international brands that is targeting the upper middle class customers in Surabaya. This research will reveal the influence of customer self congruity towards brand relationship quality and brand loyalty for MANGO products. The structural equation modelling is used to measure and to analyze the research variables. The findings show that customer self congruity positively influences brand loyalty; while the customer self congruity negatively influences brand relationship quality; and finally brand relationship quality negatively influences brand loyalty.

Keywords: Self Congruity, Brand Relationship Quality, Brand Loyalty




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