Facebook: Investigating the influence on consumer purchase intention

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.140006

James E. Richard    Victoria University of Wellington
Sarita Guppy    Victoria University of Wellington


This study investigates the influence of Facebook applications and activities on consumers purchase intention and provide insights into whether consumers take notice of their peer’s activity on Facebook and whether that activity influences consumer purchase intention. Regression analyses conducted on the results from a survey of 215 Facebook users suggests that the use of Facebook’s like button, location based check-in service and the share button applications positively influence consumers purchase intention. Posting comments on Facebook shows no significant effect on purchase intention. Consequently, marketers should plan to add activities on their Facebook page to help create brand, product or service awareness, and stimulate sales. Shopping through Facebook may well be a key channel of the future.

Keywords: Facebook, Social networks, Applications, Sales channel, Internet marketing


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