Double Jeopardy Patterns in a Middle Eastern Retail Services Setting

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.140002


Richard A. Heiens
University of South Carolina Aiken
Larry P. Pleshko
Kuwait University

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The main aim of the study is to identify whether the Double Jeopardy (DJ) phenomenon is evident in the Kuwait retail services market. Through a survey of 618 consumers of coffee shops in Kuwait, the study finds a positive relationship between customer loyalty and market share in the overall category, as well as within select subcategories of coffee retailers. The findings of this study reveal that the concept of DJ does apply to coffee shops as a whole in the State of Kuwait for the given sample.
Additionally, the findings show that DJ is evident even after controlling for distribution intensity. With little previous research having been conducted on the DJ phenomenon in the retail services industry, the work contributes to the growing body of literature on the DJ phenomenon.

Keywords: Double jeopardy, Customer loyalty, Market share, Kuwait


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