Impact of Customer Orientation, Service Orientation, Service Quality, Service Encounter Quality and Perceived Value towards Customers Satisfaction and Behavioural Intention: In Retail Context

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.130004

Lau Wee Ming   SEGi College Sarawak
Hosea Lim Vui Chung   SEGi College Sarawak
Diana Atton ak Paul   SEGi College Sarawak


Does customer satisfaction and behavioural intention directly influence by customer
orientation, service orientation, service quality, service encounter quality, perceived value
towards? In order to address this question, a survey was conducted in different grocery stores
across the city. At the same time, this research also tends to examine whether the western
oriented service evaluation model is applicable in non-western country.

This study also proposed to examine the direct relationship without the existence of customer satisfaction and service quality as mediator. The outcomes of the analyses were used to determine the acceptance or rejection of the proposed hypotheses. With the positive relationship between the independent variables and dependent variables, all the generated hypotheses proposed in this research were accepted and approved.

Keywords:   Customer Orientation, Service Orientation, Service Quality, Service Encounter Quality, Perceived Value, Customer Satisfaction, Behavioral Intention, Retail


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