Factors Defining Shopping Experience: An Analytical Study of Dubai

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.130003

Harvinder Singh
Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad
Sanjeev Prashar
Indian Institute of Management, Raipur


This paper explains the composition of shopping experience for mall shoppers of Dubai. The
study assumes significance because Dubai is a prominent destination attracting shoppers from
all over the globe. An attempt has been made to portray shopper’s expectations from
shopping malls. The research uses data reduction with the help of Exploratory Factor
Analysis (EFA) on a sample of 200 respondents from city of Dubai and condenses a set of
twenty-two mall attributes into a list of five comprehensible factors. Results of the study
shows that mall shoppers of Dubai view shopping experience as blend of five factors:
ambience, physical infrastructure, marketing focus, convenience, and safety and security.
Shoppers assign differential weightage to these factors.

Composition of these factors in terms of its constituents reveals distinct patterns. Findings of this research may be used as guidelines for development and management of shopping malls in Dubai. Shopping malls making appropriate use of these insights are more likely to attract and sustain a higher level of footfalls. Capital intensive projects like shopping malls cannot afford to fail. This application-oriented study proposes new benchmarks for mall development and management
and reduces the probability of taking wrong decisions. This paper is also a significant addition to the body of knowledge in the area of mall management and consumer behaviour in Dubai.

Keywords: Retail, Shopping malls, Shopping experience, Mall management, Factor analysis, Consumer behaviour.


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