Interdependency in the Relationship of Project Partners:
How Can It Work?

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.130002

Budapest Business School, Budapest, Hungary
József Hack-Handa
Budapest Business School, Budapest, Hungary


Success of a project transaction is uncertain until it is completed. Information on a
particular project supplier’s competence profile reduces the buyers’ uncertainty. In the
first phase we used expert mini focus groups to explore general views of project
buyers and suppliers on project characteristics and their expectations and risk
perception throughout the project. In the second phase structured in-depth interviews
with project managers were undertaken. In the last step we had taken a larger sample
that permitted us to apply multivariate statistical methods.

The results of our qualitative research and quantitative analyses revealed that there are areas that both
buyers and suppliers pay attention to, which means that these are considered as risk
factors by managers. Findings from the qualitative interviews helped us understand
the pattern of competences and activities that most likely to have an impact on risk
and/or value perception. The quantitative research could also uncover the activities of
which impact is resistant to contradiction. As a next step of our study we aim to test
the impact of the presence or absence of the most important competences.

Keywords: Projects, Competences, Risk


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