Do Chinese Consumers Care About Corporate Social Responsibility?


DOI 10.14707/ajbr.120005

Shu-Chuan Chu   DePaul University
Jhih-Syuan Lin   University of Georgia


As cosmetic marketers actively embrace corporate social responsibility (CSR) and
promote “ethical” or “green” products in their advertising campaigns, exploring how
consumers perceive the role of CSR in the cosmetics industry isbecoming
increasingly imperative.

This study explores how CSR is practiced and perceived in China, the largest female consumer market in the world. Consistent with Chinese cultural values of collectivism and harmony, the results suggest that the CSR of the cosmetics business is important in China. This study opens the door for further research by investigating an under-served region and industry. Theoretical and managerial implications for cosmetic advertising strategies are discussed.

Keywords:  corporate social responsibility (CSR), advertising, culture, cosmetic industry, and China

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