Priming Attitudes toward Feng Shui


DOI 10.14707/ajbr.120004

Wendy W. N. Wan   Sun Yat-Sen University
Peiguan Wu   Sun Yat-Sen University
Chung-Leung Luk,   City University of Hong Kong
Kim-Shyan Fam   Victoria University of Wellington
Jessie J. X. Lou, & H. Xu   City University of Hong Kong


Previous research has identified three fundamentally different attitudes toward Feng
Shui: the instrumental view, the spiritual view, and the minimalist view. An
experiment was conducted to test the prediction that each of these three attitudes can
be activated in people by “priming” them with related concepts.

As predicted, priming people with concepts to do with uncertainties and ups and downs in life led
them to a higher level of agreement with the instrumental view of Feng Shui. Priming
people with concepts of nature and cultural identity led to a higher level of agreement
with the spiritual view of Feng Shui. Finally, priming people with concepts to do
with school life led to a higher level of agreement with the minimalist view of Feng
Shui. We discuss the implications of these findings for business practitioners.

Keywords:  Feng Shui, instrumental view, spiritual view, minimalist view, priming


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