An Update of the Vox Populi Approach to Academic Journal Rankings: 2011 in Review


DOI 10.14707/ajbr.120002

James E. Richard   Victoria University of Wellington
Kim-Shyan Fam   Victoria University of Wellington
Geoff Plimmer   Victoria University of Wellington
Stephan Gerschewski   Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

The ranking of academic journals continues to be a contentious issue in the tertiary education environment. Academics dependency on journal ranking for tenure and promotion, based on perceived quality and prestige of journals, ensures debate over what constitutes a ‘good’ journal publication. This study utilises the vox populi MAG score established in previous research in order to continue the assessment of journal ranking and impact in the field of marketing. The current findings are consistent with the previous 2009 study; the top six journals remain the same, there is little variation within the top 30 journal rankings, although regional differences are apparent. The ranking results from a broad range of academics continue to provide a comprehensive measure of journal impact from the perspective of academics.

Keywords:  Journal ranking, impact factor, vox populi, marketing, ranking criteria

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