Rankings in the Eyes of the Beholder: A Vox Populi Approach to Academic Journal Ranking

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.110001

Kim-Shyan Fam   Victoria University of Wellington
Paurav Shukla   University of Brighton
Ashish Sinha   University of New South Wales
Chung-Leung Luk   City University of Hong Kong
Mathew Parackal   University of Otago
Joe Choon Yean Chai   University of Otago

The ranking of academic journals is a contentious issue in the current higher education environment. Across the world, peers judge academics for tenure and promotion on the basis of the quality or prestige of the journals in which they publish. This research proposes a new metric (i.e., the MAG score) to assess journal impact and ranking in the field of marketing using the vox populi approach. The findings show that the vox populi approach provides a more comprehensive measure of journal impact than other impact factor metrics from the perspective of academics.

Journal rankings, Perceptions, Impact factor, Marketing journals, Vox populi

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