Strategic Human Resource Management for the Technology Innovation for SME’s In Korea

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.130016

Jinwoo Yang
Hanyang University

Gyunghyun Choi
Hanyang University


These days, technology is considered as a national source to make growth sustainable. In this sense, many countries support enterprises to innovate and upgrade their technological capabilities. However, for SME(small and medium-sized enterprise), it is difficult to achieve the desired outcome from the government support. We understand that one of main reason is the problem of human resources of SMEs. Comparing to large scaled enterprises, SMEs have relative weakness not only in the recruiting of talented new personnel but also in the retraining of existing workers. In this study, we propose a technological human resource management (HRM) model in conjunction with a technology strategy model as well as some strategic guidelines for HRM for the technology innovation of SMEs. This proposed model focuses on motivation of existing workers for technology innovation, with the findings through case studies of some SMEs that are successful in the HRM for technology innovation. The proposed guideline will be useful to managers who are responsible for technology innovation in SMEs and also will be helpful to SME-policy makers of government.

Keywords:  Human Resource Management, Technology Strategy, Small-and-Medium Sized Firms, Technology Innovation


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