About MAG

MAG is committed to research of the highest quality that advances theory and makes a practical contribution to marketing management practice and/or policy development. The Founding Director of MAG Scholar is Professor Kim-Shyan Fam.

In 1997, MAG was a group with only three active researchers based in New Zealand and Australia. It quickly expanded to include three faculty members from Europe. Currently, MAG has over 400 academics and practitioners from 35 countries. They come from all walks of academia and industry, including dean of reputable business schools, professors, research students, and entrepreneurs. Over half of them are from Asia followed by USA and Europe.

MAG consists of academics, research students and practitioners who share an interest in Asian culture and marketing. The Group’s primary research interest is to advance knowledge on ‘why’ and ‘how’ these cultural elements (i.e., material, religion, aesthetics, language, social organisation, education, politics and law, values, and ethics/etiquettes) influence the theory and practice of marketing in a particular market.


MAG is an intellectual community that supports and shares resources with its members. The Group encourages members to eschew ‘individual’ for collaborative, team-based research; mentors members to produce their best work; nominates members as examiners and reviewers; invites members to be co-guest editors; shares datasets; and where possible, hosts a member.
Mission Statement

MAG is committed to research of the highest quality that advances theory and makes a practical contribution to marketing management practice and/or policy development. MAG aims to provide academics, researchers and practitioners a platform to interact and move forward. It aims to help budding researchers and managers an opportunity to network with well-known academics and practitioners in their area. MAG seeks to improve the quality and scope of marketing in Asia and also create a platform for inter-disciplinary research by bringing together researchers and practitioners from various areas of management.


The Group’s Objectives

  • To foster research cooperation among members.
  • To promote members’ research and the personal development of members.
  • To advance knowledge of the nexus between Asian culture and marketing.
  • To publish in high quality journals based on rigorous and scientific methodology.
  • To disseminate research findings and ensure that research results and implications are available in formats that target the needs of different audiences.



MAG Scholar has a President, Professor Kim Fam, and a Management Team, both of which have available to it an International Advisory Committee of academic and industry leaders. Their expertise will ensure that the Group’s research agenda and conference activities interact with broad social needs.



MAG Scholar Management Team

Associate Professor Hiram Ting, UCSI University Malaysia
Vice-President, Planning, Conference and Publication

Professor Zhilin Yang, City University of Hong Kong
Vice-President, Strategic Planning and China Development

Professor Syed Anwar, Hamdan Bin Mohammed University, Dubai, UAE
Vice-President, Seminars and Professional Education

Professor Laszlo Jozsa, Szechenyi Istvan University, Hungary
Vice-President, Eastern Europe Development

Professor Paurav Shukla, Glasgow Caledonian University
Vice-President, UK and Europe Development

MAG Scholar International Advisory Committee

Professor John Dawson, University of Stirling
Professor Michael Polonsky, Deakin University
Professor Siva Muthaly, RMIT University
Professor YQ Li, Southwestern University of Finance & Economics
Professor Datuk Zabid, President & Vice Chancellor, UniRazak


MAG ScholarInternational Ambassadors

Australia     A/Professor Siva Muthaly
  Dr David Waller
  Dr Wuth Muenjohn nuttawuth.muenjohn@rmit.edu.au
Austria Professor Thomas Foscht
  Dr Reinhard Grohs
Brunei Dr Adna Rahman
China A/Professor Daixin
  A/Professor James He
Czech Republic Dr Martin Pribyl martinpribyl@centrum.cz
Hungary Dr Judit Koltai
  Dr Marta Konczosne kszm@sze.hu
India Professor P. Ganesan sumigans10@rediffmail.com
Indonesia Dr Evelyn Hendriana
  Dr Sandra Sunanto
Japan Dr A. Kitaoka
Hong Kong Professor Kara Chan karachan@hkbu.edu.hk
Malaysia A/Professor Zainurin Dahari
  A/Professor Boo Ho Voon
Poland Dr Magdalena Florek
  Professor Sławomir Smyczek ssmyczek@ae.katowice.pl
Professor Justyna MatysiewiczDr Marta Ziolkowska jmatysiewicz@ue.katowice.plmziolkow@sgh.waw.pl
Portugal Dr Pedro Brito
Saudi Arabia Professor Sadiq Sohail ssohail@kfupm.edu.sa
South Africa Professor Robert Rugimbana
Thailand A/Professor K. Polyorat
  Dr. Saowanee Srikanjanarak leksaowanee@yahoo.com
USA A/Professor Babak Hayati bhayati@uccs.edu

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