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MAGScholar Business Review – a business oriented magazine for executives who are interested in the issues and practices of Asian marketing. 

The editorial contents are derived from rigorous research undertaken by academics and practitioners who are interested in knowing the optimal marketing practices in Asian business environment. The target readers are business executives who want to “surround” themselves with up to date, relevant and reliable information on Asian markets, and …more


The Marketing in Asia Group (MAG) or MAG Scholar brings people together who share an interest in learning the business of Asian business.

MAG acts as a home for a community of academics, research students and practitioners who take Asian marketing and Asian business issues seriously, but who also adopt a strong global perspective. It seeks to undertake and disseminate Asian marketing knowledge based on rigorous, yet pragmatic research. Its work focuses on the relationship between Asian culture and marketing issues and practices in Asia. more


Asian Journal of Business Research (AJBR)

The Asian Journal of Business Research (AJBR) is a scholarly journal that aims to disseminate new and challenging theories and paradigms developed from research based on actual Asian business situations.

AJBR favours comparative studies (between Asian countries and/or non-Asian countries) that advance theoretical and empirical concepts in retailing, advertising, business-to-business, international business, food marketing, tourism, and buyer and seller behaviours. Manuscripts that effectively communicate these findings to the reality of the Asian business world are particularly encouraged. All papers are subject to strict double-blind refereeing process… more