The Effect of Social Media Influencers’ Trustworthiness and Expertise on Online Purchase Intentions of Saudi Consumers and the Mediating Role of Attitude


Fahad Al Jaeed
Postgraduate Programs, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

Saeed Badghish*
Marketing Department, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

*Corresponding author: sbadghish@kau.edu.sa


This research investigated the relationship between social media credibility dimensions (trustworthiness and expertise) and online purchase intentions of young Muslim consumers. An additional effect examined was the mediating role of attitude. The study critically analysed the literature and developed a model to conceptualise the relationships among variables and provide theoretical and empirical evidence. The quantitative design was applied using a cross-sectional survey method. The sample data was N=409. The questionnaire was designed based on the analysis of the literature. Furthermore, Smart PLS 3 and IBM SPSS 25 were used to conduct the analysis. The analysis indicated that the measurement model met all requirements. The results showed that trustworthiness positively influences online intentions and is fully mediated by attitude. Expertise positively influences online intentions, which is partially mediated by attitude. Finally, the study recommends that other features of social media influencers need to be investigated such as the attractiveness of a social media influencer.

Keywords: Credibility, Trustworthiness, Expertise, Online Purchase Intentions, Attitude, Behavioural Marketing.

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