Creative Perfektion: The Why and How of Creative Thinking


Authors : Mark Kilgour, Ernest Cyril De Run
Cover : Paperback
Language : English
ISBN : 978-967-5527-53-1
Price : Ringgit Malaysia RM37.50
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Mark Kilgour, Ernest Cyril De Run

“We cannot solve the problems of today, using the ways of thinking of the past”

There are numerous academic articles that provide insights into the reasons why people think and act the way they do. These articles are not based upon experience, but studies with sound quantifiable data. On the other hand there are numerous books based on experience. Each of these two groups of texts has their strengths and weaknesses. The practical and experiential texts provide concepts that are easy to understand and apply, but do not tell us why these concepts work. Unfortunately, while these texts provide concepts that work under certain conditions, they do not work when situations change.

Academic articles provide us with information on why concepts work, but are often written using terms that cannot be understood without a PhD in the relevant field. This book bridges the gap between these two groups. By providing, in simple terms, both the concepts and their grounding in theory, this book illustrates why creative thinking concepts work and how they can be applied in different situations.

Additionally, this book provides techniques to assist you in developing the full range of creative thinking processes, as well as explanations as to how and why these techniques work. Creativity is an ability that we all possess. It is merely a matter of bringing our hidden talent out. This book explains the four critical stages of the creative thinking process, that once understood, can be used to improve your creativity. We do not want results that only work in certain situations, techniques taught without teaching us why they work. We need to know why they work so that we can continuously be creative in any given situation.