DOI 10.14707/ajbr.220117

Older Consumers’ Perceptions of Advertising with Celebrity Endorsement

Fei Fan1*; Kara Chan2 and Yan Wang3
1 BNU-HKBU United International College, Zhuhai, China
2 Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
3 Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
* Corresponding author:


As most of the developed societies are ageing, how to engage older consumers in advertising has become important to marketing communication practitioners. A qualitative study was conducted in March 2021 by interviewing a convenience sample of 20 persons aged 50 to 64 in China. Interviewees most often recalled celebrity endorsers who frequently appear in popular TV dramas. Source attractiveness was the main reason for recalling the celebrity endorsers. Source attractiveness, source credibility, and congruency with image of the brand, as well as moral qualities of celebrities were frequently reported as major factors that brands should consider when selecting an endorser. Interviewees perceived that credibility of endorsers was closely related to their moral behavior. Regarding advertising effect, interviewees perceived that advertisements with celebrity endorsement could enhance brand awareness, create positive feelings about the brand, and enhance purchase intention. Interviewees perceived that traditional celebrities enjoy a higher level of credibility and persistence of popularity than online influencers. The study discusses the theoretical implications for whether the main theories of celebrity endorsement are applicable to older people in China as well as the practical implications for marketing communications.

Keywords: Advertising execution, Marketing communication, Celebrity endorsement, Influencer marketing, Older consumers, Qualitative method

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