Comparative Analysis of Purchasing Decision Making between Swiss Customers and Chinese Customers of Cosmetics

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.180043

Joana Sofia Neves Gomes
University of Applied Sciences & Arts Northwestern, Switzerland

Michael Jeive
University of Applied Sciences & Arts Northwestern, Switzerland


Since 1978, China has experienced an extraordinary economic boom which has attracted Western companies to the country. Although many have been successful, even large corporations have
struggled in the Chinese market. One of the reasons for this failure, as pointed out by several authors, is the strong differences between Western markets and China. In order to facilitate the
understanding of culturally influenced behaviours, the present research analysed consumers in China and in Switzerland, which represents a market that Western manufacturers are familiar with.
Due to regional differences within both countries, the study analysed consumers from Shanghai and Harbin, and the French and German-speaking areas of Switzerland. They answered a
qualitative test which included projective questions. The study found out that there are large differences between the behaviour of consumers in Switzerland and China, but also within each
country, particularly China. However, there are some similarities between the behaviour of consumers from Switzerland and Harbin. The findings provide a good insight for marketers
wanting to enter or change their strategy in China or Switzerland, but particularly for Western manufacturers who are already present and familiar with the Swiss market and want to succeed in
the Chinese market.

Keywords: Consumer Behaviour; Purchasing Decision; Cosmetics; China; Switzerland

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