Augmented Reality Trends to the Field of Business and Economics: A Review of 20 years of Research

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.180051

Mafalda Teles Roxo
LIAAD/INESC-TEC and Faculdade de Economia, Universidade do Porto, Portugal

Pedro Quelhas Brito
LIAAD/INESC-TEC and Faculdade de Economia, Universidade do Porto, Portugal


Augmented Reality (AR) is emerging as a technology that is reshaping the current society, especially the fields of Business and Economics (B&E). Therefore, the scientific studies produced on AR call for an interdisciplinary systematic review of the knowledge generated to structure an organized framework. Three main questions are addressed: How has the production of AR scientific knowledge evolved? What user-related aspects does AR affect? Also, which set of subtopics is associated with each motivation to develop an AR solution? The content of 328 papers produced between 1997 and 2016 in the field of AR is analyzed, unveiling 58 coding categories. There are 13 digital media characteristics that assume instrumental roles in addressing four major motivations to develop AR solutions. Technological topics dominate the research focus over behavioral ones. The investigations on AR in mobile displays show the highest increase. This research identifies the main scientific topics that have led researchers’ agenda. Consequently, they contributed to develop and to adopt AR solutions and to forecast its future application in the organizations’ strategies.

Keywords: Augmented Reality; Content Analysis; Digital Media; AR-User Interaction; Consumer Psychology; Digital Transformation.

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