Understanding the Role of Packaging Elements on Buying Detergent Powder in Dhaka City: A study on Bangladesh

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.160019

Md. Ashaduzzaman
Faculty of Business Administration, Eastern University

Farzana Mahbub
Faculty of Business Administration, Eastern University


Packaging acts as the salient salesman for tangible products. The verbal and nonverbal elements of packaging perform as the tool of sales promotion because of changing self-service and changing consumer‟s lifestyle. So, it performs a significant role in creating marketing communication and influencing consumer‟s purchase decision in detergent industry like other industry.

Thus the paper aims to know the role of packaging on buying detergent powder in Bangladesh. Considering the impact of various elements of packaging on purchasing detergent powder, a conceptual framework was developed by extensive literature review and tested by using structural equation modeling taking 200 usable questionnaires.

The result shows six components of packaging: Packing Color, Background Image, Font Style, Wrapper Design, Printed Information, and Packing Innovation that have impacts on purchase decision of detergent powder in Dhaka City.


Keywords: Bangladesh, Dhaka City, Packaging, Detergent Powder, Buying Behavior, and Impact.

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