Attitudes toward Advertising by Lawyer’s among Hong Kong Consumers

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.120011

Kara Chan   Hong Kong Baptist University
Vivienne Leung   Hong Kong Baptist University
Lennon Tsang   Hong Kong Baptist University
Toby Yip   Hong Kong Baptist University


A qualitative study was conducted to investigate attitudes toward advertising by
lawyer’s in Hong Kong. The study found that interviewees in general appreciated the
information values of these advertisements. There were mixed views regarding the
impact on the image of the lawyers brought about by advertising by lawyer’s. Some
interviewees found the advertisements helpful and hence perceive that the lwayers
was now more approachable and transparent.

However, some interviewees found advertising by lawyer’s that use price appeal misleading.
They perceived the lawyers to have become more commercialized.
Interviewees expressed concern that advertising by lawyer’s encourage the seeking
of litigation as a preferred way of problem solving. The study informs lawyers regarding
message design and media selection in the marketing of their services in a Chinese context.

Keywords: advertising by lawyer’s/attorney’s, cultural values, legal services,qualitative method



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