Purchasing Designer Label Apparels: The Role of Reference Groups

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.120010

Uchenna Cyril Eze
Monash University, Malaysia
Crystal Hui Hui Chin
Multimedia University, Malaysia
Chai Har Lee
Multimedia University, Malaysia


Luxury brands have a growing market in Asia, and with the enormous contribution of
Asian market to the growing global luxury brands market, it is imperative to
understand the roles of key reference groups (peers, siblings, parents, and celebrities)
in the purchase of designer label apparels. The increased consumption of luxury
products can be attributed to the rapid economic growth in China and other Asian

Prior studies indicate that Asian consumers maintain conspicuous
appreciation for designer products. In this paper, the roles of reference groups in a
purchase decision for designer label apparels, were explored. The data analysis was
based on 248 valid responses generated through personal administration. The findings
reveal that the four hypotheses were supported. The findings would enable marketing
and business strategists in building grounds in focusing on important variables in the
context examined. Several implications for research and practice including
suggestions for future studies were highlighted.

Keywords: Reference groups, designer label apparel, purchase decision, consumers, Malaysia



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