Factors Differentiating Green Power Electricity User/Non-user Status in Australia

DOI 10.14707/ajbr.110006

Yiming Tang   Macquarie University, Australia
Milind Medhekar   University of Otago, New Zealand
Brendan J. Gray   Macquarie University, Australia

This study aims to identify factors differentiating users and non-users of GPE (Green Power Electricity) in Australia. The internet-based survey reached audience across Australia. The results show that consumers’ environmental concern and ecologically conscious behaviour are key drivers of GPE purchase. Younger consumers are also more likely to be GPE users. Findings of this study bear significant implications for both government policymakers and GPE distributors and/or resellers. This study calls for increased effort in public education especially of younger people – and in marketing campaigns to raise consumers’ awareness of and concern for the environment. Further, it recommends that in order to maximize the adoption of GPE, and promotional campaign of GPE should be combined with other activities to educate the consumers of the benefits and the availability of GPE products and to promote ecologically friendly behaviors.

Keywords:   Green Power Electricity, Environmental concern, Ecologically conscious behaviour, Australia

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