DOI 10.14707/ajbr.220132

Discovering the Customer Insight using Netnography and Photography Methods

Azim Zarei1; Sima Alipour1 and Maryam Asgharinajib1*
1 Faculty of Economics, Management and Administrative Sciences, Semnan University, Iran
*Corresponding author:


Gaining customer insight is the driving force of companies. Today, with the advent of social media platforms, especially Instagram, gaining customer insight has taken on a new form. The purpose of this study is to discover the customer insights of Callista on the Instagram platform, through a combination of netnography and photography methods. The comments and images of the company’s Instagram page posts were used to collect data because their sales are based on the web. The results showed that the communication content created by the company, which is in three categories of relational, promotional, and organizational, is simultaneously needed for the company’s better and more effective advertising. The analysis of metaphors also showed that by focusing on the three metaphors of transformation, connection, and journey, the company was able to create a good image of its brand in the minds of the audience and attract its customers well. A good insight goes beyond what consumers say and can influence future choices, attitudes, and behaviors; Break the principles of companies, and lead to significant operational improvements by creating the vision to provide new types of customer service and high-quality products.

Keywords: Customer insight, Social media, Instagram, Netnography, Photography, Callista.

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