DOI 10.14707/ajbr.220130

Proximity and Retail Loyalty: Mediation of Time Convenience

Febianus Eka Yudha Wibiamto1; Budi Pratam1
1 Faculty of Business, Universitas Katolik Widya Mandala Surabaya, Indonesia
*Corresponding author:


The success of convenience stores is not only the proximity factor but also time,
especially for postmodern individuals who are characterized by the need for speed
and social interaction. Research linking proximity and time is still very limited, while
the two variables are closely related to shopping activities. This study aims to
examine the relationships between both material and immaterial proximity to retail
loyalty; and the mediating role of time management and time saving (time
convenience). This study used quantitative methods by means of PLS, where a total
of 150 responses were collected from minimarket consumers in residential areas in
Indonesia using a purposive sampling method. The results show that access,
functional and social proximities affect time management, while time saving factors
are only functional and relational proximities. Both time management and time
saving have a positive relationship with loyalty. The mediation test found that time
management mediates the effects of access, functional and social proximities on
loyalty. Meanwhile, time saving mediates the effects of functional and relational
proximities on loyalty. This finding mainly fills a gap in research that is still limited
in linking the immaterial dimensions of intimacy and customer loyalty. This research
enriches the concept of location for the service industry, especially retailers and
provides practical implications in store operational management.

Keywords: Proximity, Time management, Time saving, Retail loyalty, Indonesia.

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